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a close up of food on a table

JAN 4 - MAY 29:  

Nutella Cookie & Cream Concrete

Strawberry Molten Sundae

 Red Velvet Oreo Smash Concrete

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Concrete

 MAY 30 - AUG 7: 

Birthday Cake Concrete 

Fresh Squeezed Blueberry Lemonade

Banana Cream Pie Concrete

Blueberry Cheesecake Concrete 

AUG 8 - NOV 24:

Pumpkin Pie Concrete

Pecan Cobbler Sundae

Apple Pie Concrete 

Butterfinger Frappe

NOV 26 - JAN 2

Rudolph Sundae

Snowman Sundae

Eggnog Shake

Candy Cane Pothole

Peppermint Hot Chocolate